Wasp Removal in Orlando, FL

Do you need wasp control and removal services in Greater Orlando?

Several types of wasps terrorize the Orlando area, including paper wasps, yellowjackets and cicada killers. Not to be mistaken for bees, wasps are aggressive predators that will not hesitate to sting you if you get in their way. Also unlike bees, wasps will sting multiple times, making them a particularly menacing foe. Wasps’ stings are painful and venomous, and some victims may experience a life-threatening allergic reaction.

As if their temper wasn’t bad enough, wasps will take over your turf by building nests in your home and yard. Cicada killers will nest in the ground around your home in Orlando, while other wasp species most commonly build nests under eaves, in attics and inside of garages. If you try to remove a wasp nest on your own, expect to be attacked with dozens of painful stings. Save yourself the trouble by bringing in your local wasp removal heavyweights to put these nasty pests in their place!


Unrivaled Wasp Removal & Control

If wasps have built a nest in or near your home in Greater Orlando, Commando Pest Control & Trappers will join you in the arena to help you defeat them. We kick our process off with a home inspection to locate all nearby wasps nests. Once we’ve got the facts, our specialists will initiate an aggressive wasp control strategy, exterminating them with targeted pesticides. Once they’re down for the count, we’ll be able to remove their nests without getting stung. Since other wasps are likely to invade your territory in the future, our crew will apply exclusion materials to your home in order to deter them.

Commando Puts the Toughest Wasps Out of Commission

When wasps begin menacing your family and your home, it’s time to strike back with help from the pros. Call Commando Pest Control & Trappers today for the most effective wasp removal services in the Orlando area!

We offer wasp control & removal services in Altamonte Springs, Buena Ventura Lakes, Doctor Phillips, Hunters Creek, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Lake Nona, Meadow Woods, Windermere, Winter Park and other surrounding areas!





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