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The feud between humans and pests is a tale as old as time. Florida seems to have an astonishingly large share of them. When pests start making their way onto your territory, that’s when we step in the ring and show them who’s boss.
Some pests go from a nuisance to a terror very quickly. Silverfish, for instance, can wreak havoc in your home right under your nose. The fast-moving insect feasts on anything it can find.
The food they munch on in your pantry is then contaminated, and the paper, glue, and clothing they chomp on get damaged. Getting rid of them takes chemical application by a licensed professional.


Then there’s the Heavyweight title holder of creepy crawlies: spiders. While some seem harmless, others are deadly – and Florida is home to four different varieties of the lethal kind. Even ones that aren’t poisonous can still leave you with a nasty welt if they bite you. That’s not to mention; no one wants to wade through a sticky sea of cobwebs in their own home. Don’t be tricked into thinking one spider is fine – a single one of those eight-legged devils can lay hundreds of eggs at, once, and at any given time, your property can be home to thousands.That’s a more significant project than most people want to take on in a Sunday afternoon cleaning session.
Whether you’re the type to freeze or to flail when you see a bee buzzing near you, no one likes that threat near their home. Stinging insects love to set up shop in hidden corners that always seem to lay right in the path you wanted to walk. Before you go out there swatting with a broom, please be aware that wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets can all sting as many times as they see fit; and if they’re injured, they release a pheromone that works as an alarm, calling out for reinforcements. Those stings hurt like a leg drop from the top rope. If you’re allergic, you may require immediate medical attention. Instead, let the pros show off our signature move.
The worries don’t stop with stings, though – some bugs bite. Here in Florida, we’re all far too accustomed to mosquito bites, and that’s a pest you certainly don’t want in your home. Another biter to be wary of is fleas. The University of Florida says severe infestations take a lot of work to fix, requiring treatment of your pet, your entire home, and even your yard. If you miss even a few, your problem won’t be going away any time soon, as they can lay up to 500 eggs in just a few months. That’s 500 foes, all headed down the aisle to feast on you and your pet, leaving you itchy, frustrated, and looking up the phone number for Commando Pest Control & Trappers.
The A-Team at Commando Pest Control & Trappers gives a beat-down to any bug or animal brave enough to show its face in the Orlando area. We treat pest control like a competition between them and us, and we go for the belt every single time. You’ll sleep easy placing your trust in the affordable, unstoppable, and unmatched hands of Commando. Call, email, or Facebook message us today.
Looking for mosquito, bee, wasp, or other pest removal services? Give us a call today! We offer pest removal and control services in the greater Orlando, FL area including Buena Ventura Lakes, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Lake Nona, Meadow Woods, Windermere, Winter Park, and other surrounding areas.





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