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Cockroaches are heavyweight contenders of survival and foraging. They are the reigning champs of the area, being native to Florida. To take them out, you have to tag team with Sam Roman of Commando Pest Control & Trapping.
With cockroaches, the species matters. You want to know what kind of opponent you are taking on. Some types can fly, while others can’t. Either way, roaches are not a foe that you want in your home. They secrete an oil that has a terrible smell, and that is not something you want in your home. Their droppings also contribute to the foul odor, as well as an ink-like black liquid they form. They will contaminate otherwise clean dishes, clothes, books-you name it. Florida has more than 69 types of them. The Palmetto Bug or American Cockroach is the largest one. They can range from ½ an inch long to 2 inches or more, fly and look like a walking coffee table.


Diseases Caused By Roaches
Why should you have these insidious creatures tap out? Even though you may not see them, they still pose hazards to you, your home, and your family. Please don’t get in the ring with these creepy crawlers; they can cause health problems. People with allergies find that they are easily irritated by cockroaches and all of the microbial invaders that they have. The dust and waste that they produce can create breathing problems, cause rashes, and flu-like symptoms. These are some nasty pests, and it’s time to take action and fight against any potential infestation.
German Cockroaches are the most common type of indoor cockroaches in the world. They have been associated with nasty diseases and the transmission of Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp, coliform bacteria, salmonella, and hepatitis virus. They have also been linked to the spread of dysentery and typhoid. 
Where Cockroaches May Be Hiding
These pests are most active at night. They come out in droves looking for crumbs, sweets, and feasting on pet food. Fortunately for you, we are the champions of finding them and knocking them out. Outside the home, you may find them in mulch, leaf litter, vegetation, in palm trees, and tree holes. They find their way inside through the smallest cracks and crevices. Once inside, they can be anywhere, although they prefer wet places like the bathroom and the kitchen. They are also are masters at hiding and might be in baseboards, cabinets, around sinks, or in drawers. Finally, any space that is cluttered has ample hiding spaces for them. Many of these are outdoor types that get in through crevices or holes.
It has been proven that DIY methods are inefficient and can lead to a more significant infestation. Take cockroaches out of the ring and protect your turf with our team. Commando Pest Control & Trapping will defend our title as Orlando’s #1 pest control company. We offer indoor and outdoor and residential and commercial pest management services to give you the best results. Call today (407) 415-4909 for a free estimate. 
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