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Do you hear some odd noises coming from your ceiling? Maybe you smell something strange upstairs. If this is the case, you may have unwanted wildlife living in your attic.
By the time you notice these symptoms, you can bet they’ve been there for quite a while. It’s impossible to ignore because it doesn’t get any better. The longer you let them stay, the more likely their friends will show up. Don’t wait; it’s time to investigate. 
Why Wildlife Love Your Attic
Since you probably haven’t been up there in a while, it’s an excellent place for these unwanted guests to live rent-free. Nobody wants to climb that ladder and come face-to-face with angry rodents or find insect destruction in the attic space. 


Why You Need To Remove Wildlife
Whether its mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, or insects, pests do damage to your home and leave behind all kinds of nasty evidence. Critters enter your home by squeezing through small openings or by chewing their way through the wood and other materials. They nest, breed, and even leave feces, urine, body oils, and pheromones behind, attracting even more pests. Worse than the material damage they do, these animals spread disease and create situations that can be harmful to your health. 
Cleaning Up The Crime Scene
After the pests in your attic have been smacked down, the fight isn’t over. Don’t forget; your unwanted guests were living with you longer than you thought, and since this fight was on your home turf, YOU have to make sure the ring gets cleaned and is no longer an attractive arena for another match. Because most pests create damage that isn’t obvious at first glance, a closer inspection is warranted. 
First, a comprehensive investigation must take place. Of course, the insects or rodents will be removed along with any nesting, feces, and urine-soaked materials. Small amounts of feces can be vacuumed, but large feces from bigger intruders will need to be removed by hand. Insulation is the perfect place to give birth and keep the young warm and will be inspected for damage. If insulation contains contamination or large amounts of damage, it will need to be replaced. Electrical wiring needs to be inspected as well. Mice, rats, and squirrels gnaw through the insulation to sharpen their teeth on the wires, causing dangerous fire hazards. Finally, your items stored in the attic will need to be carefully inspected and may need to be disinfected or discarded. After the areas have been cleaned, the entire attic area will be treated with a fogging agent so that the space is sanitized. 
Tag Us In
Eradicating pests and restoring your attic is not a one-person job. Be part of a professional tag team. At Commando Pest Control & Trappers, we won’t leave you alone to take a beat down. Just call us at (407) 415-4909 and allow us to take over. After we rid your attic of wildlife, we’ll return your attic to top form and not let any new newcomers think about challenging you in your own house again. 





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