Bee, Wasp & Hornet Removal in Windermere, FL

Would you like to have hornets, bees or wasps removed from your home in Windermere?

Stinging insects are some of the most feared pests in Windermere, and for good reason. Wasps, hornets and bees will build nests on the side of your home and then attack you relentlessly if you dare to come close. Fortunately, bees only get one good sting, but more vicious wasps and hornets can sting multiple times, delivering dangerous quantities of venom.

Even if you’re big on DIY pest control, wasp nest removal isn’t something you want to try at home. Instead, let Windermere’s local stinging insect control champions kick out your invading pests!


Reliable Hornet & Wasp Control

At Commando Pest Control & Trappers, our experts know how to put wasps, bees and hornets down for the count. We’ll start by inspecting your property in Windermere to locate any stinging insect nests and size up our opponents. Next, we implement our undefeated bee and wasp control plan to get rid of all the stinging insects terrorizing your home.

Once the hornets, bees or wasps are all finished, we’ll remove their nests from your property and use exclusion barriers to keep another swarm from settling in. If you want to make sure you’re never forced into another unexpected showdown with stinging pests, sign up for ongoing pest control in Windermere.

Commando Makes Bees & Wasps Buzz Off

If stinging insects are making you feel trapped in your own home, it’s time to let our pros kick them to the curb. Contact Commando Pest Control & Trappers today for the best bee, wasp and hornet removal services in the Windermere area!





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