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Bee, Wasp & Hornet Removal in Altamonte Springs, FL

Are you seeking help to get rid of wasps or bees in Altamonte Springs?

From bees to wasps to hornets, all types of stinging insects are known to build their nests off of homes in Altamonte Springs. Sometimes, you might see these nests in the form of a large papery bulb; other times, they may be hidden within your walls or attic. Most stinging insect species are very aggressive and will sting in huge swarms if their nest is threatened.

Attempting to remove a wasp or bee nest yourself is a great way to wind up with multiple painful stings. Rather than putting yourself through the wringer, work with your local wasp control champions in Altamonte Springs to get rid of stinging insects on your property.


Elite Wasp, Hornet & Bee Control

At Commando Pest Control & Trappers, we have the necessary training and equipment to effectively remove bee, hornet and wasp nests from homes in Altamonte Springs. We’ll begin with an inspection to learn who our opponents are and where they’ve constructed their nests. Then, we’ll swoop in with a strategic plan of attack to exterminate the stinging pests and remove their nests from your home.

After all bees or wasps have been put down for the count, our professionals will perform pest-proofing services to prevent future infestations. If you want to keep stinging insects off your property for the long haul, sign up for our recurring pest control services in Altamonte Springs.

Commando Puts Stinging Pests in Their Place

If you’re concerned about an ever-growing wasp nest just outside your home, it’s time to take action. Reach out to Commando Pest Control & Trappers today if you need professional stinging insect removal services in the Altamonte Springs area!





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