Wildlife Removal in Winter Park, FL

Do you require wildlife removal services in Winter Park?

There are many kinds of wildlife in Florida and, unfortunately, many of them would love to make themselves at home inside your home in Winter Park. There are many signs that your home has become the victim of an animal infestation including fecal matter scattered on your property, signs of biting and scratching on wood and wires, and noises coming from your attic or crawl space.

If animals have gotten into your Winter Park house, expect them to wreak havoc. Squirrels and opossums will chew apart drywall and insulation. Raccoons will make a den in your attic and leave their scat all over the place. Bites from snakes can contain dangerous venom while bites and feces from rodents can contain infectious diseases.

Trying to remove wildlife from your home is a harrowing struggle but that doesn’t mean you have to let nature win. Call upon the aid of wildlife removal specialists to take back what’s yours.


Undefeated Wildlife Removal Services

Commando Pest Control & Trappers provides the most effective and reliable wildlife removal service in the Winter Park area. We’re undisputed champions of animal control who never back down. However intimidating the opposition is, we’ll defend our title and your home with a knockout victory!

Commando’s first step is to perform a thorough inspection of your residence to get a grasp of what kind of critters we’re wrestling with, how they’ve invaded your house and where they’ve holed up.

Next, it’s time for our professionals to take control of the arena by hunting down, trapping and removing every animal on your property. We’ll catch them all, safely and humanely, and relocate them back to the wild.

Once we’re certain your pests are down for the count, we’ll keep other challengers from entering the ring by sealing off every nook and cranny that animals might use to infiltrate your home.

Don’t worry, we’ll clean up after your rude former neighbors, too. The Commando team will bag and remove droppings, nests and any other evidence of the wildlife invasion on our way out.

Get Rid Of Wildlife Intruders Today

Whether you’ve got rats in your walls or raccoons in your attic, wild animals are tough foes to handle. Bring in Commando to go the distance in the battle against your wildlife infestation.Β 

Contact Commando Pest Control & Trappers today for heavyweight wildlife removal services in Winter Park!





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