Wildlife Removal in Lake Nona, FL

Are you searching for wildlife removal services in Lake Nona?

Quite a few house-invading wildlife species can be found in Florida. You may not see them right away but if you smell their droppings, hear their squeaks or spot gnawing on your woodwork, odds are high that you’ve got furry intruders in your home.

If they get inside your Lake Nona home, wildlife can cause all sorts of trouble. Squirrels and other rodents may cut the power or start fires by chewing at wires. Opossums can destroy your attic to make a comfy den for themselves. Raccoons can spread rabies by biting, and many snakes are venomous. Rat and mouse droppings commonly carry bacteria that may trigger deadly illnesses.

Attempting to challenge the wildlife infestation on your own is a fast way to wind up in a headlock. To regain control of your arena, call in wildlife removal professionals to tag team the threat with you.


Wildlife Removal Services

Commando Pest Control & Trappers provides undefeated wildlife control service to the Lake Nona area. We’ve battled all kinds of animals and we have yet to tap out. Whatever type of pest has tried to conquer your household, we’ll put them in their place!

Our professionals start off by inspecting the interior and exterior of your home to figure out what we’re up against, how they got in and where they’re living now.

After Commando has put together our strategy, we’ll step into the ring to face the problem head on. Our wildlife removal champions will kick every last pest out of your Lake Nona residence with safe but swift efficiency.

As soon as the animals have been relocated, it’s time for us to defend our title. Our team will scour your walls for crevasses that the critters used to sneak in and plug them up tightly.

Before we go, we’ll clean up the mess our opponents made. The Commando crew will clear out feces, nesting materials and anything else nasty until we have your house looking spick and span.

Trusted Wildlife Removal & Trapping

From possums in your crawl space to squirrels in your attic, wild animals are opponents that you don’t want to wrestle alone. Call in Commando to snuff out your wildlife invasion like pros.Β 

Contact Commando Pest Control & Trappers today for champion wildlife removal services in Lake Nona!





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