Raccoon Removal in Lake Nona, FL

Are you seeking raccoon removal services in Lake Nona?

Of the many wildlife species that infest homes in Lake Nona, raccoons are some of the feistiest and most destructive. Raccoons will defile your ring by ripping through roofing, insulation, wiring, drywall and more as they create a nest in your attic or crawl space. While they’re at it, raccoons will also pollute your home with feces and urine, leading to the spread of parasites such as roundworms and diseases such as leptospirosis.

It’s a dangerous challenge to single-handedly remove a raccoon from your home in Lake Nona, as they’re capable combatants that often carry rabies. To put raccoons down for the county, tag team them with the help of experienced raccoon control heavyweights.


Undefeated Raccoon Removal

Commando Pest Control & Trappers never allows raccoons to gain the upper hand! If you think there are raccoons living inside your house in Lake Nona, we’ll conduct an inspection to determine how many opponents we’re up against, how they got in and where they’ve holed up. Using our belt-winning raccoon removal strategy, our specialists will trap all of the raccoons inside your house so that they can be humanely removed from the premises.

After the raccoons have tapped out, our team will use exclusion barriers on the exterior of your home in Lake Nona to keep them from clawing their way back in. We’ll also clean up any feces and nests that the raccoons left in their wake to keep bacteria and parasites from spreading.

Commando Puts Raccoons in a Chokehold

If raccoons have backed you into a corner, our champions will pin them to the mat. Get in contact with Commando Pest Control & Trappers today for invincible raccoon removal services in the Lake Nona area!





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